When I was younger I didn’t have boobs to speak of, but as I grew older so did they! From that day I realised what a nuisance they can really be especially when you want to wear an outfit with a really nice back that requires NO bra!
So, you see I totally understand what its like to choose a wedding dress to accommodate a larger bust.
With a larger bust choosing the right wedding dress dress is so important, unlike a big bottom which you can hide or show off in the right way.
Choosing a dress with an ill fitting bust line will look frighteningly obvious.
So you have to pick the right dress and the right product that brings everything together and allows you to look and feel beautiful and not have to worry about your boobs.
We know big boobs are an engineering challenge! They come out, the waist goes in and that is not easy to cater for. So, firstly check that the designer can can offer either a made to measure service or semi bespoke one that can be tweaked upon arrival. My recommendation would be Caroline Castigliano, like the first picture below.
Caroline uses clever corsetry which accommodates everything underneath the dress, so you can often wear a bra with or we can add a substantial cup if needed. Her lines are clean and the fabrics are  exquisite.
I appreciate that she edges towards a higher end of most peoples budget, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to be comfortable, know you look amazing and be confident all day on your wedding day and not have to worry about shopping around for suitable underwear that more often than not doesn’t work.
Brides with bigger boobs often fall in love with a certain designer dress that may be delicate and whimsical, low at the front and back and sheer but then realise that they have little or no control in the boob area.
For a bride with a C/D cup, these kinds of dresses can have a cup inserted for support. But for the bigger boobs you we can get the back of the dress raised, have the bodice double lined or request extra fabric and appliqué over the front enabling you to wear a bra, all of these are options.
I hope this helps! 
Image of bride and groom
Image of bride and groom