Should I wear a veil?

So you’ve chosen your amazing dress but what really finishes the look and makes you a real bride is the veil.

Brides often think that unless they are getting married in a Church, a veil is not always necessary. I often disagree, as I think they are the epitomy of beauty and can be worn with any dress for any style of wedding. They can be a variety of lengths and fabrics and really complement your dress. You can really go to town if you are wearing a plain dress or pair it back for a dress that carries more detail. Ultimately it’s your choice to wear one or not, but let’s face it, it’s probably the only opportunity you are going to get to wear one. So, don’t be in a hurry  to dismiss the idea, try one or two on and see how it makes you feel…


Now, let’s talk Veils…


The most traditional of all veils! In ancient times they were used to protect the bride from evil and to prevent the groom from seeing her face before she got to the end of the aisle… These days we have often lived with our partners prior to getting married so I’m not sure that still applies… However, I still think they look beautiful!

Image of bride and groom


This style can look amazing with a strapless gown and adds  a bit of coverage over the shoulder. Often seen as a token veil, a Bride can be wearing it just because they feel they have to, but the right length and fullness can still provide beauty.


Probably the most popular these days! It complements most dresses and can be worn in a variety of positions… Higher on the head for a more traditional look or lower towards the nape for a more Boho vibe.

Image of bride and groom


This veil carries a 50’s style vibe and works amazingly with a T – length dress or often with a simple destination look.

Image of bride and groom